Marpeck Commons Bridge

Canadian Mennonite University built a new 23,000 sq ft library; the problem is it was separated from the rest of the university by Grant Ave.  A busy four lane road.  A new pedestrian bridge was needed and it would be built from steel of course!

Two trusses would be needed to cross the road.

U of M

Active Living Centre

A visually stunning and clean design was possible thanks to the use of steel.  Rolled steel was used to create the round edges of the running track on the upper floor.  Using steel allowed for large open areas to accommodate any layout required for gym equipment within the building.  

Millenium Library

The Millennium Library Project was a major redevelopment of Winnipeg’s Central Library.  The library features a new reading terrace with a four storey high solar glass wall that is over 80m long.  The glass is supported by 27 shop welded trusses made up of WT’s, channels and round HSS, the tallest one being 24m long.  

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