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About Us

Abesco Ltd. is a Manitoban based fabricator, erector and steel detailing company with over 50 years in the industry.  The company has been servicing Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario since 1965, and continues to satisfy its customers. 

In 2006, our field operations department received the National Standard of COR accredited safety program, and in 2007, our fabrication shop received accreditation with COR.

A combination of certified professionals, journeymen, and with leading edge technology and the latest in fabrication equipment Abesco Ltd is committed to providing our customers with the products and services they deserve.

Safety, quality and delivered on time is our mandate.

Abesco Ltd, supports the apprenticeship system and employs several apprentice steel welders and field personnel.

All welders are tested and certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau.



To fabricate in collaboration the visions of our customers.


To be a leader in the evolving steel fabrication industry while maintaining professionalism, safety and execution of work.

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