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Park City Commons Condos

Park City Commons is a 23 acre mixed-use development located at 1500 Plessis Road in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a former City of Winnipeg Public Works Yard, the site was designed in the context of the “OurWinnipeg” development plan and transformed into a high-density, mixed-use, transit-oriented development with a new public library and multi-use recreational facility.
There are no other developments like this in the suburbs of Winnipeg. Park City Commons is a development that contains fully-integrated accessible living within a community where residents can live, shop, and obtain everyday services, augmented by easy access to transit service connecting residents to all areas of the City of Winnipeg. Retail units include a grocery store, gas station, pharmacy, restaurants, various retail stores and more. Some buildings contain residential apartments directly above the retail units to provide greater access to the amenities.

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