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CMU Marpeck Common Bridge

Canadian Mennonite University built a new 23 000 sq ft library; the problem is it was separated from the rest of the university by Grant Ave.  A busy four lane road.  A new pedestrian bridge was needed and it would be built from steel of course!
Two trusses would be needed to cross the road.  One being 23.5m long and the other being 30m long.  The trusses are built out of HSS and the heaviest one weighs in at over 14 000 kgs.  One side of Grant Ave. was shut down and the first truss was sent to site in two pieces.  It was laid out and field welded together on Grant Ave. and then lifted into place.  Then the same was done for the other side of Grant.
The HSS members inside of the bridge are all exposed and needed to have continuous welds and a high quality of finish.

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